How Exactly Does Astrology Work?

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How Exactly does Astrology Work?

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“Millionaires don't use Astrology, BILLIONAIRES do.” - J.P. Morgan

During my years as a Professional Astrologer, I cannot even count how many times I have been asked “How exactly does Astrology work?”  And the other day while I was meditating, I came up with a way to explain astrology that I think will instantly make sense to anyone who has ever used a computer:


When a soul chooses to incarnate, a biological body is created for it to enter.  This is the “hardware,” like the computer that is sitting on top of your desk.

astrology reading, free astrology, astrology chart, astrology signs

But computers are not “empty.”  In order for them to function, they must contain software.  In terms of us as human beings, the “software” is the astrology Natal Chart.  In a computer, the software consists of a basic “operating system” (like Windows Vista), and this can be compared with the Basic Personality Traits found in the astrology Natal Chart through the Sun Sign and the Ascendant. But there is additional software found on most computers, and the specific types determine the “abilities” that computer has.

astrology reading, free astrology, astrology chart, astrology signs

For example, you can install Microsoft Word in order to write a book. You can install music software that allows you to download and create music. You can install bookkeeping software that allows you to do mathematical calculations. And so forth. In the astrology Natal Chart of a human being, the various “software programs” consist of the planets, signs, and houses, and these indicate the specific talents and abilities of that person.  (For example, planets in Gemini or in the 3rd House correlate to “Microsoft Word” and perhaps being able to write well.)

astrology reading, free astrology, astrology chart, astrology signs

Each computer has specific functions it can perform (because it contains specific software to do so), and will not be able to do other things because it lacks that software. In terms of the astrology Natal Chart as being our own “software programs,” this is why some of us are gifted musicians and others of us cannot carry a tune it a bucket, and why some of us are outgoing and others are shy, and why some are organized and others are not, and some are math geniuses and others of us can barely balance our checkbooks properly.

astrology reading, free astrology, astrology chart, astrology signs

But this is not the end of the story. We are unique beings, and creative beings, and we evolve the traits of our astrology Natal Charts in very unique and personal ways.  In other words, once we are born into this “hardware” physical body, and it is equipped with its unique configurations of “software” (the Natal Chart) -- well, what is the first thing you do when you buy a new computer? You start installing various files onto it.  These files can be compared to the personal experiences you have as an individual throughout your lifetime. Your personal life experiences, in combination with your astrology Natal Chart, shape the directions your life will take and what you do in response to your unfolding life path.


I hope this makes things clearer! 

By Doria Gambino, Professional Astrologer
astrology reading, free astrology, astrology chart, astrology signs

Astrology Symbols and Keywords

The Planets – The Actors

  • The Sun – Individual, main purpose in life, self-expression, creative, life-force, focus, courage, strength, masculine, present, consciousness.
  • The Moon – Emotions, nurturing, giving, sensitivity, past, feminine, changing moods, childhood, feelings, family roots, heritage, subconsciousness.
  • Mercury – Intelligence, communication, logic, thought process, mental analysis, basic information, detailed work, masculine.
  • Venus – Love, beauty, fine arts, culture, social graces, attraction, money & investment, material possessions, feminine, romance, yin.
  • Mars – Passion, energy, vitality, aggression, motivation, war, masculine, yang, physical, sex drive, goal-oriented.  
  • Jupiter – Abundance, expansion, rewards, The Big Picture, broad-minded issues, masculine, optimism, faith, belief, the higher mind, jovial.
  • Saturn – Restrictions, limitations, hard work, commitment, Authority, authority figures, structure, tradition, karma, pessimism, realistic view, masculine, sober.
  • Uranus – Sudden changes, new ideas, new innovations, technology, intellectual genius, rebellion, independence, liberation, masculine.  
  • Neptune – Imagination, spirituality, dreams, psychic-mediumship, collective unconsciousness, music, emotional genius, illusion, other-worldly, the high arts, feminine, escapism, drugs and alcohol.
  • Pluto – Sex, death, regeneration, power, the occult, hidden depths, resurrection, rebirth, criminals and healers, psychology, psychoanalysis, masculine, destruction, construction.
astrology reading, free astrology, astrology chart, astrology signs

The Houses – The Stages of Life

  • The First House (The Ascendant) – House of Self. The Outer Personality, physical body, the first impression, birth, beginning of life. Ruling Planet: Mars  Ruling Sign: Aries
  • The Second House – House of Self-Worth; Personal Possessions. Roots, money, investment, personal resources, personal ownership, sensual pleasure, material objects. Ruling Planet: Venus  Ruling Sign: Taurus
  • The Third House – House of Intellect; Communication. Brothers & Sisters, short trips, basic writing, small talk, early education (grammar school, e.g.) sports, reading.  Ruling Planet: Mercury  Ruling Sign: Gemini
  • The Fourth House – House of Family & Home. Early childhood, parents, real estate, monetary security, stocks and bonds, funds, safety, extended family.  Ruling Planet: The Moon         Ruling Sign: Cancer
  • The Fifth House – House of Self-Awareness; Fun, Romance, children, creativity, entertainment, pleasure, the theatre, the starring role.  Ruling Planet: The Sun  Ruling Sign: Leo
  • The Sixth House – House of Health & Service. Workplace, co-workers, fitness, diet, manual labor, detailed information, conservation.  Ruling Planet: Mercury  Ruling Sign: Virgo
  • The Seventh House – House of Marriage & Partnerships. Legal issues, married couples, arts & culture, society, social issues, government, justice system, law. Ruling Planet: Venus  Ruling Sign: Libr
  • The Eighth House – House of Sex, Death & Taxes. Other People’s Resources & Money, inheritance, legacies, sexuality, taboo subjects, criminal activity, the Healing Arts. Ruling Planet: Pluto  Ruling Sign: Scorpio
  • The Ninth House – House of Higher Learning. Philosophy and Religion, foreign travel, continuing education, calling in life, scholarly work, gambling activities. Ruling Planet: Jupiter  Ruling Sign: Sagittarius
  • The Tenth House – House of Career & Status. Public Standing, tradition, rules and regulations, reputation, business and corporations, corporate ladder. Ruling Planet: Saturn  Ruling Sign: Capricorn
  • The Eleventh House – House of Innovations. Friends, Humanitarian efforts, community living, scientific and medical breakthroughs, Hi-Tech companies. Ruling Planet: Uranus  Ruling Sign: Aquarius
  • The Twelfth House – House of Self-Undoing; Self-Forgiveness. The collective unconscious, mental institutions, prisons, church life, charitable causes, psychic work, Past Life/Karmic Issues.  Ruling Planet: Neptune  Ruling Sign: Pisces
astrology reading, free astrology, astrology chart, astrology signs
The Aspects – The Relationships

Conjunction – When two planets are in the same sign sharing each other’s energy. They strengthen each other.

Sextile – When two planets (whether fire and air; or earth and water) are in agreement with each other. The relationship is easy as long as they put effort behind it.

Trine – When two planets are sharing the same element (water and water, air and air, e.g.), they are in harmony with each other. Things come easily.

Square – When two planets are sharing the same modality, but “really” different elements (Cardinal Fire vs. Cardinal Water, e.g.). Proceed with caution. Careful maneuvering

Opposition – When two planets share the same modality but in opposite signs (Taurus and Scorpio, e.g.). Either a challenge or an opportunity

astrology reading, free astrology, astrology chart, astrology signs

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astrology reading, free astrology, astrology chart, astrology signs
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