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How secure is SpiritualitySolutions.com?How secure is SpiritualitySolutions.com?SpiritualitySolutions.com uses The INVISUS PC Professional Grade Security Service - a comprehensive, multi-layered security system making SpiritualitySolutions.com always safe and secure.
What shipping method do you use?All orders are shipped by United States Post Office with priority mail. Orders usually take 4-6 days to prepare depending on items ordered and quantity. THEN, items are shipped after that and usually take 3-4 business days for shipping time, unless they are shipped internationally. Visit our shipping page to see our policies.
Do you offer rush deliveries?Rush orders can also be sent by either Express Mail, UPS or Fed Ex Air starting at $25.00. Call for details. Global Express and INTERNATIONAL Rush Air service depends on size and weight of orders. Starting price is $145.00. Delivery time is usually 3-4 business days.
What payment methods do you accept?What payment methods do you accept?We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and PayPal through our secure merchant gateway.
Do you accept phone orders or faxes?We do not accept phone orders or faxes at this time.
What is the best way to contact you?What is the best way to contact you?The best way to contact us is by email.
How can I get a reading with Diana Lynn?How can I get a reading with Diana Lynn?Because of Diana Lynn’s travel and writing schedule, she can conduct private sessions only on certain select days. She also conducts sessions on random audience members at her workshops and lectures. Check the workshop schedule on this website for cities, times and dates. People of all faiths and cultures, wherever they are on their spiritual paths are welcome to Diana Lynn’s workshops. All are welcome! Diana Lynn says, "I believe that the best teacher is one who shares his or her personal experience. When I have a direct, spiritual experience, my mindset is instantly changed." So, Diana Lynn creates a positive atmosphere for life-changing experiences to occur at her workshops.
I have an inspirational story that I’d like to submit to Diana Lynn. Where do I send it?I have an inspirational story that I’d like to submit to Diana Lynn. Where do I send it?Diana Lynn appreciates receiving your SOULutions stories of any length for her new book SOULution Stories: Remarkable Stories of How Spirituality Transforms Our World. If your story is selected for publication, you will receive 100 US dollars. To send your stories, please click here.
What can I expect by going to Diana Lynn’s workshop?What can I expect by going to Diana Lynn’s workshop?Diana Lynn’s workshops tend to be high-energy and spiritually heart-warming, so you certainly will leave feeling uplifted! Diana Lynn leads you through guided meditation enabling you to clearly hear, see and feel the presence of your Higher Self, your God Self. In addition, Diana Lynn will teach you how to access your Higher Self and learn the difference between true and false guidance. During each workshop, Diana Lynn gives random healings by taking questions from the audience. Her workshops usually end with a circle of love, in which Diana Lynn facilitates levels of higher consciousness. You will work with your spiritual guidance to receive messages and learn how to heal any issues with the assistance of your Divine guidance.
I’d like to interview Diana Lynn for my (newspaper, radio station, magazine, television show). Who do I contact her to arrange this?I’d like to interview Diana Lynn for my (newspaper, radio station, magazine, television show). Who do I contact her to arrange this?To arrange for a media interview, please contact her by email.
Are Diana Lynn's seminars appropriate for skeptical spouses, friends, or family members?Are Diana Lynn's seminars appropriate for skeptical spouses, friends, or family members?Yes! Skeptical loved ones can attend Diana Lynn’s seminars, but she does NOT have a goal of converting skeptics into believers. She simply creates experiences that often convert skeptics on their own terms. Diana Lynn often hears from former skeptics who say that the experience of the workshop helped them to lose their doubts or negative feelings about spirituality. It is recommended that you not bring young children or babies to the workshop, as you (and other attendees) may find yourself distracted during the meditation portion, if your children can't sit still.
Where can I purchase Diana Lynn’s book, and/or spiritual gifts?Where can I purchase Diana Lynn’s book, and/or spiritual gifts?All of our spiritual gifts & spiritual products can be purchased directly from this website. For information on spiritual topics, please see Diana Lynn's book, SOULutions: Your Spiritual Makeover. It is a non-denominational book that gives an overview of living a spiritual life with awareness. The book is meant for mainstream individuals, as well as those who already practice spirituality.
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