Some Common Myths About Hypnosis

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Some Common Myths About Hypnosis

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Myth # 1:

The hypnotist takes control of your mind.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  ALL hypnosis is actually SELF-hypnosis.  You absolutely cannot be hypnotized against your will.  You must cooperate with the process in order for it to work at all, and you always have the power to accept or reject anything the hypnotist says.  You can never be made to do anything against your will.  You do not surrender control to anyone—the hypnotist is simply a guide who helps you access and work with your own subconscious mind, putting you in control of your destiny.
“What about the hypnotists I’ve seen on TV, the ones who make people quack like ducks?”
These are stage hypnotists, not clinical hypnotists, and they deliberately select the most suggestible people in the audience to perform (about 5% of the population will do almost anything they’re told to do -- with or without hypnosis! -- and stage hypnotists are trained to spot these individuals).  The audience members who volunteer to come up on stage are people who want the attention of being in the spotlight and are willing to go along with the hypnotist’s instructions; otherwise, they wouldn’t have said yes when the hypnotist asked for volunteers.  These people are fully cooperating with the process -- yet they still cannot be made to do anything that goes against their moral and ethical codes even though they are highly suggestible subjects.  ALL hypnosis is voluntary by nature, and the people you see on stage have subconsciously agreed to go along with the hypnotist’s show.

Myth # 2:  

hypnosis; weight loss hypnosis; weight-loss hypnosis

Hypnosis involves some kind of “voodoo trance.”  There is absolutely nothing mystical about hypnosis.  It is a very natural state of mind, one you go in and out of every day -- when you daydream, for example, or when you’re gazing into a fire, or when you’re lost in thought as you’re driving and you almost miss your exit.  The truth is, you have already been in a hypnotic state thousands of times!

Clinical hypnosis simply helps you reach this state of mind on purpose.  Hypnosis combines deep physical relaxation with specific techniques of inward mental focus, allowing you to access and retrain your subconscious mind to eliminate negative habits and patterns and replace them with the kinds of positive patterns you desire.

hypnosis; weight loss hypnosis; weight-loss hypnosis

Myth # 3: 

You go to sleep when you are hypnotized.  This is a very common myth, yet it’s not the case.  When you are hypnotized, you generally remain awake, alert, and aware of your surroundings.  The hypnotic state is not the sleep state; it is a state of deep relaxation and focused concentration.
Well, what would happen if I did fall asleep during hypnosis?
Nothing.  If you fell asleep during a session, you would simply wake up later -- just like you wake up every time after sleeping.

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Myth # 4: 

You have to go into a very deep “trance” or hypnosis won’t work.  People undergoing hypnosis reach varying levels of physical and mental relaxation.  Some go very deep, and others simply achieve a nice feeling of calm and quiet.  As long as you are cooperating with the process, your subconscious mind will receive the suggestions, and you will begin achieving results.
hypnosis; weight loss hypnosis; weight-loss hypnosis
Myth # 5: 
You won’t remember anything that happens during a hypnosis session.  The truth is, it is very rare for a person to remember nothing at all from a session.  The majority of clients are aware of the words being said to them -- as well as any other noises in their environment, like the sounds of traffic outside.  In fact, many people are surprised to find that they remained so aware and in control of their thoughts and responses during hypnosis.
Some people become so deeply relaxed that their minds “wander off” from time to time, and therefore they may only consciously recall bits and pieces of their session.  But if a person doesn’t remember a single thing, it’s probably because s/he fell asleep!

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Myth # 6: 
Only weak-minded people can be hypnotized.  No!  In fact, the best subjects are very intelligent, motivated, and imaginative.  People with vivid, active, and creative minds are the people who are best able to use hypnosis as a tool for self-empowerment.
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Myth # 7: 

Hypnosis is only something used by “weirdos.”  Not at all.  Clinical hypnosis was approved for use by the American Medical Association more than fifty years ago, and is currently being used by thousands of mainstream doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, and therapists to treat a wide variety of physical illnesses and emotional problems.
The value of hypnosis is even becoming recognized by insurance companies -- in some countries, people who practice mind/body relaxation exercises on a regular basis receive discounts on their health insurance!  The state of mind that hypnosis creates is extremely beneficial to mental and physical well-being, leading to reduced stress levels, a more positive attitude, greater inner peace, enhanced creativity, and improved health.

hypnosis; weight loss hypnosis; weight-loss hypnosis
Myth # 8: 

Hypnosis may be useful for psychological conditions like a fear of elevators, but it can’t do anything to help change physical conditions.  The truth is that the mind can indeed radically change aspects of the body – and it can be taught to do this on purpose.  Take a look at these fascinating real-life case studies:

In one experiment, researchers injected mice with a formula known to stimulate the immune system’s ability to fight off germs.  At that same moment, they exposed the mice to the scent of camphor.  After repeating this procedure a number of times, the researchers stopped giving the mice the immune system booster and ONLY exposed them to the scent of camphor – and yet, every time they did this, the disease-fighting cells continued to increase in the immune systems of the mice!  Camphor, a chemical that has no immune-boosting properties by itself, had now become a signal to the bodies of the mice that made them healthier.
This one’s interesting:  A few years ago, a hypnotherapist conducted a study in which a group of adult women were hypnotized every week for 12 weeks and given the suggestion that their breast size would increase.  And it DID – most of the women in the study went up a full cup size, without surgery or hormones or any other means other than just hypnosis!  (And if hypnosis can make a person’s body do this, it can certainly make a person’s body lose weight!)

The power of suggestion can be harmful, as well.  Years ago, during a conversation about the connection between the body and the mind, a friend of mine told me a true story about something that happened at the company where he worked.  One day, he and his colleagues for some reason decided to play a joke on one of their coworkers, a man named Jess.  One by one, various people kept coming up to Jess and saying things like, “Hey, buddy, are you okay?  You don’t look so good.”  At first, Jess responded that he was fine.  But as more and more people kept commenting that he looked ill, the “power of suggestion” took hold and Jess soon found himself feeling weak, nauseous, light-headed, and his throat started to become sore.  His body began to actually MANIFEST the symptoms of having the flu, and he had to go home early from work and lie down.  (By the way, my friend and his colleagues felt terrible about this little joke they had participated in, and they never did it again.)
In case you think this is an isolated incident, consider this:  Any emergency-room doctor or nurse will tell you that they always get flooded with patients whenever it is announced on the news that specific foods from certain supermarkets may have been contaminated with toxic bacteria.  The medical staff knows from experience that many people will become nauseous and even start vomiting simply because they BELIEVE they might have eaten tainted food – even when they haven’t actually eaten a single thing that is harmful.
The power of the subconscious mind to influence and even alter the body is PROFOUND.  I have to share with you one more example, because it absolutely boggled my mind when I first heard about it:  This was a case of a patient who suffered from multiple-personality disorder.  While functioning as “Personality A,” this individual was a Type-1 diabetic and required insulin injections in order to control it.  However, “Personality B” was not diabetic at all and did not need any insulin in order to stay alive.  It’s like an instant miracle cure took place for a disease that medical science has no cure for yet.  Both of these personalities existed inside the same body, and yet the body was radically different based only on what the MIND believed in any given moment.  Personality A in the mind of this patient BELIEVES he is diabetic, and therefore he is.  But Personality B has no such belief at all, and therefore is NOT diabetic.  Yes, the mind is that powerful – it can actually eliminate an incurable disease INSTANTLY, if the belief is strong enough.  Wow.

Your MIND is the single most valuable tool you possess.  It can give you anything and everything you want in life – IF you learn how to use it properly.

Hypnosis is safe, effective, and easy to learn.  Many problems can be corrected in just a few short weeks.  Hypnosis, when used properly, can quickly pinpoint the things that have been blocking you from success and offer solutions that bring you fast and lasting results!

Hypnosis can help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight easily and naturally, without feeling deprived, hungry, or frustrated.  Through hypnosis, you can effortlessly transform your patterns -- without “willpower,” “fad diets,” or those dangerous diet pills.  Remain serene and happy as you watch those extra pounds melt away!
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hypnosis; weight loss hypnosis; weight-loss hypnosis

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