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incense sticks, cone incense, incense cones, white sage


The aromatic power of exotic incense scents can align our mind and spirit, and help in relieving stress, calming the central nervous system and stimulating our emotional centers. Our very fragrant incense fills any room with sheer, spirit-lifting scents! Made from the best resins and essential oils, our exquisite incense sticks are beautifully wrapped. Our cone incense are richly scented, hand-rolled cones, which are a great cleansing tool for home or travel. Discover our incense today! 

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incense sticks, cone incense, incense cones, white sage

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incense sticks, cone incense, incense cones, white sage

There’s no need to look any further for your INCENSE!  

We offer some of the finest incense from around the world at affordable prices.  Incense brings a state of mind to your home or work place, offering an aroma that brings peace and happiness.

incense sticks, cone incense, incense cones, white sage

The Rites of Incense

Many religious and spiritual ceremonies and purificatory rites use incense, a practice that persists to this day. Incense is used for its aromatic quality and incense is also used in medicine for its aesthetic value. Incense users have many reasons for burning it. Incense can be used in home and office, while meditation and in aromatherapy. Fragrant incense captivates your soul with its unique blend of aromas. Once you try our incense, you will be beckoned back to its alluring aroma again and again! Discover our incense today!
incense sticks, cone incense, incense cones, white sage
Incense (Latin: incendere, "to burn") 

Incense is made of aromatic materials that release fragrant smoke when burned. The term "incense" refers to the substance itself, rather than to the odor that incense produces.  Incense is used in meditation for creating a mood, ritual purification, religious ceremonies, for aromatherapy, to mask unpleasant odors and in medicine.  Incense use may have originated in Ancient Egypt, where the gums and resins of aromatic trees were imported to be used in religious ceremonies.

incense sticks, cone incense, incense cones, white sage
About Incense

Incense is composed of aromatic plant materials, often combined with essential oils. Incense has changed forms with advances in technology and diversity in the reasons for burning incense.  The two main types of incense are “indirect burning” incense and “direct burning” incense.  Indirect burning incense, also called, "non-combustible incense" requires a separate heat source since incense is not capable of burning itself.  Direct burning incense, also called "combustible incense", is lit directly by a flame and then the incense is fanned out.  The glowing ember on the incense releases the fragrance.  Examples of direct burning incense are incense sticks, incense cones and incense pyramids.

incense sticks, cone incense, incense cones, white sage

What is your spiritual experience with the power of incense? Sharing your own experiences with incense often helps others! We'd love to know in our Spirituality Blog.

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