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Your Inner Child

inner child, inner child work, inner child healing, healing the inner child
inner child, inner child work, inner child healing, healing the inner child, the inner child

Awaken to your Inner Child!

Once upon a time, you were an innocent child born into this world as pure Love.

Everything that is not Love you learned

You can learn to connect with your inner child. Your inner child knows how to have fun and how to live a life aligned with joy rather than what you "should" believe and do.

inner child, inner child work, inner child healing, healing the inner child

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inner child, inner child work, inner child healing, healing the inner child

Inner Child Work: 

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inner child, inner child work, inner child healing, healing the inner child
Discover what it means to be childlike, not childish.

Come heal your inner child and return to the enjoyment of your happy, playful being. This is what it will take to bring about a world of joy and wonder. We are here to have fun and to play! Play is one of the highest vibrations - attracting toward you everything divine.

Healing the Inner Child

Trust - For your wounded inner child to come out of hiding, he or she must be able to trust that you will be there for him/her. Your inner child also needs a supportive, non-shaming ally to validate his/er abandonment, neglect, abuse and/or enmeshment. 

Validation - If you’re still inclined to minimize and/or rationalize the ways in which you were shamed, ignored, or nurtured by your parents, you need now to accept the fact that these things truly wounded your soul. Come to understand that your parents weren’t bad, they were just wounded kids themselves.

Shock & Anger - If this is all shocking to you, that’s awareness, and shock leads you to the grief.  It’s okay to feel angry, even if what was done to you was unintentional. In fact, you need to understand this anger if you want to heal your wounded inner child. I don’t mean you need to scream and holler (although you might). It’s just okay to be mad about a dirty deal.

Come to know that your parents did what two wounded adult children could do. Be aware that we have become deeply wounded spiritually. What this means is that we be responsible to stop any negativity that we are doing to ourselves and to others. Decide today to no longer tolerate any outright dysfunction and/or abuse that may have dominated your family system.

Sadness - After anger comes hurt and sadness. If we were victimized, try on grieving that betrayal. We come to grieve what might have been–our dreams and aspirations. We must grieve our unfulfilled developmental needs.

Loneliness - The deepest core feelings of grief are toxic shame and loneliness. We may feel shamed by our parents abandoning us. We may feel we are bad, as if contaminated, and that shame may lead to loneliness. Since our inner child feels flawed and defective, he/she has to cover up his/her true self with an adapted, false self. Our wounded inner child then comes to identify himself/herself by this false self. 

Staying with this last layer of painful feelings is the hardest part of the grief process however; “The only way out is through.”  The good news is as we embrace our feelings, we will come out the other side! We encounter the self that’s been in hiding. In embracing our shame and loneliness, we begin to touch our truest self.

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