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massage supplies, massage oils, massage products, hot stone massage

Massage - the healing power of touch!  This modality of healing is a great integrative massage therapy that can be used in conjunction with many other forms of health care.  SpiritualitySolutions.com has collected the most beneficial massage products to work with the incredible mastery of this healing art!  Discover our massage supplies: massage oils, aromatherapy massage oils, hot stone massage products, massage video & massage kits below.  Massage products make great gifts, too!

Featured Massage Products

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"Art of Sensual Massage" Kit"Art of Sensual Massage" Kit
Angel's Mist Massage Lotion & Body LotionAngel's Mist Massage Lotion & Body Lotion
Angel's Mist Massage OilsAngel's Mist Massage Oils
Aroma Stone Massage KitAroma Stone Massage Kit
Bolster Your PracticeBolster Your Practice
Chakra Massage StonesChakra Massage Stones
Cold Stone Massage KitCold Stone Massage Kit
Complete Chakra Healer KitComplete Chakra Healer Kit
Complete Chakra Massage Stone PackageComplete Chakra Massage Stone Package
Complete Crystal Facial SetComplete Crystal Facial Set
Complete Hot Stone SetComplete Hot Stone Set
Crescent CoverCrescent Cover
Deluxe Fleece Pad SetDeluxe Fleece Pad Set
Deluxe Massage Table WarmerDeluxe Massage Table Warmer
Disposable CoversDisposable Covers
Essential Oil SamplerEssential Oil Sampler
Facial Sinus MaskFacial Sinus Mask
Flex StoneFlex Stone
Healthy Hands DVDHealthy Hands DVD
Hot Stone Crystal Facial KitHot Stone Crystal Facial Kit
Hot Stone Facial DVDHot Stone Facial DVD
Hot Stone Massage DVDHot Stone Massage DVD
Hot Stone Massage KitHot Stone Massage Kit
Hot Stone Massage OilHot Stone Massage Oil
Hot Stone Starter Traveler KitHot Stone Starter Traveler Kit
Hot Stone Thermal BlanketHot Stone Thermal Blanket
Jade RollerJade Roller
Massage CreamMassage Cream
Massage Oil Holster - DoubleMassage Oil Holster - Double
Massage Oil Holster - SingleMassage Oil Holster - Single
Massage SamplerMassage Sampler
Massage Table WarmerMassage Table Warmer
Polar Fleece BlanketPolar Fleece Blanket
Space BlanketSpace Blanket
Stone Neck PackStone Neck Pack
The Back MedicThe Back Medic
TMJ StoneTMJ Stone
Trigger Point StonesTrigger Point Stones
Water Dispersible Massage OilWater Dispersible Massage Oil
Wrist StoneWrist Stone
Zen PillowZen Pillow
massage supplies, massage oils, massage products, hot stone massage

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massage supplies, massage oils, massage products, hot stone massage

Massage Therapy

With fast paced lives and the continuous chase to meet deadlines, the tired body and mind needs a massage therapy stress buster! People who are bogged down by stress, find stress affecting not only their minds but their bodies as well. Anger, frustration and depression could lead to health problems such as headaches, upset stomach, rashes, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Massage Therapy a combination of science and art, provides a relaxing experience by therapuetic hand strokes on the body to rejuvenate the mind and body and eliminate stress. The concept of massage is evident throughout history. 

massage supplies, massage oils, massage products, hot stone massage

History of Massage Therapy

The practice of massage therapy has its roots in the ancient Chinese, Greek, Roman, Indian and the Egyptian era.  A Chinese book from 2,700 B.C., The Yellow Emperor's Classic Book of Internal Medicine, recommends 'breathing exercises, massage of skin and flesh, and exercises of hands and feet" as the appropriate treatment for complete paralysis, chills, and fever."  Massage therapy is one of the principal method of relieving pain for Greek and Roman physicians.  Julius Caesar was apparently given a daily massage to treat neuralgia.  Egyptian tomb paintings show people practicing massage.  Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, places great emphasis on massage and massage therapy remains widely practiced in India. "The Physician Must Be Experienced In Many Things," wrote Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, in the 5th century B. C., "but assuredly in rubbing.. for rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is too rigid."  Massage therapy was therefore used by early physicians to treat fatigue, illness and injury based on their basic understanding of how the body functions.

massage supplies, massage oils, massage products, hot stone massage

What is your spiritual experience with the benefits of massage? Sharing your own massage experiences often helps others! We'd love to know in our Spirituality Blog.

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