Moon Signs: How to Understand Your Child's Emotional Nature
moon signs, moon sign, astrology

Spirituality Article:

Moon Signs
(NOTE:  Although this article is written for parents, the Astrological information it contains can be applied to the charts of adults as well)

moon signs, moon sign, astrology

While the sun sign and rising sign rule the basic personality traits in an individual’s chart, the moon is what rules a person’s emotions:  How s/he reacts to both positive and negative stimuli, and what s/he needs from the world in order to feel safe, secure, and content.  Therefore, the moon placement is especially important in a child’s chart, because children are much more influenced by their FEELINGS than they are by their intellect.  Their responses to any given situation will most likely stem from whether or not the situation makes them happy or sad or fearful than from any “logical” assessment of the situation.
The moon changes sign approximately every two-and-a-half days; therefore, it is possible to have any combination of sun sign and moon sign in a chart.  Certain moon signs will enhance and work well with the sun sign, and others will make the individual’s emotions more difficult to integrate or process.  For example, a child with a Gemini sun sign is a born communicator already, so if the moon is in Aries, this means she will have no trouble freely expressing her or his feelings.  However, if this child had a Scorpio moon, she would likely be more secretive about her emotions.  She’ll talk to you for hours about the characters in her favorite video game, but if something is upsetting her, she will probably hide her feelings and brood in private.
Studying your child’s moon placement (both sign and house) can greatly help you understand many key factors in his or her development, such as:  What he needs in order to feel confident in approaching new tasks and situations.  The types of environments that will feel harmonious to her, and the types of environments that will make her feel stressed or threatened.  What do to, and what NOT to do, to give him a strong and healthy sense of self-esteem.  And what will work best to soothe this child when she is upset.

moon signs, moon sign, astrology


Astrology Moon Sign: Aries
This child’s emotions will be very spontaneous and in the moment, and also will be strongly expressed.  When this kid is excited, sad, or angry, everyone in the house will know about it!  The good news is that even though Aries moon may have a strong temper and be prone to dramatic outbursts of anger, his emotions pass quickly.  If you just let him get it out of his system, chances are he’ll be happily playing again ten minutes later.  An Aries moon child is more independent that others, and she is happiest when she has freedom to roam and explore.  Don’t smother her or force her into confining routines, as she can get depressed if her freedom is limited too much.  This child needs challenges and new adventures.  Deal with his emotions directly and immediately, and try to teach him to be less impulsive and impatient.  Aries moon wants what it wants RIGHT NOW, and will jump enthusiastically into new situations, but he becomes easily bored, and may walk away from something just as quickly as he jumped into it.  Teach him the value of following through on the things he starts, and reward him for doing so -- a trip to an amusement park will generally turn this child into a very happy camper.


moon signs, moon sign, astrology


Astrology Moon Sign: Taurus
The good news is that the Taurus moon child is usually fairly tranquil, easygoing, and even-tempered.  The bad news is that she is generally stubborn and resistant to change.  She feels secure when her life is filled with the familiar: people, places, things, and routines.  She’s a creature of habit; she tends to stick with what she knows, and is very cautious when it comes to approaching new things.  As long as her familiar habits and routines are not disturbed, she’ll be the mellowest kid on the block.  However, if you make her life too unpredictable, or try to force her to deal with too many changes, she will dig in her heels and refuse to budge.  Changes must be approached slowly and methodically, giving her plenty of time to get used to the idea of a new routine coming into play.  This stubborn resistance to change also tends to make Taurus moon very possessive about what he has.  He will not like to share his toys, or even share the people who are important to him -- he can feel very jealous if a parent spends too much time with a sibling, for example.  Taurus moon child is soothed by creature comforts: a soft blanket, music, her favorite foods, being touched, and by being surrounded with all of her favorite people and possessions.


moon signs, moon sign, astrology


Astrology Moon Sign: Gemini
A child with a Gemini moon will have moods that change like the wind.  He might be cranky one minute, then smiling the next, then crying because you won’t let him have a cookie.  His emotions are restless and unpredictable, and stem from nervous energy.  He can be high-strung at times, and if he’s overstimulated, he can get hyper, irritable, and impatient.  There is also a tendency for his emotions to be fickle -- he may bug you for weeks to buy him a specific toy, and then once he has it, he plays with it for five minutes and never touches it again.  This child gets very enthusiastic about new things, but then gets just as easily bored.  The positive side of her nature is that she adapts easily to new situations -- this kid will not freak out if you hire a new baby-sitter, for example.  In fact, she needs variety and new things in her environment in order to feel happy and content.  When upset, Gemini moon needs to be removed from overstimulating situations and put into a calm and quiet environment until he cools off.  He also needs verbal soothing -- talk to this child, explain to him WHY he has to or cannot do something, and give him an opportunity to explain his feelings to you, because he needs to feel understood in order to feel soothed.


moon signs, moon sign, astrology
Astrology Moon Sign: Cancer
A Cancer moon child will be more sensitive than most.  The positive side is that she is very sympathetic and caring about the feelings of others, and will be loving and nurturing towards siblings, friends, and pets.  The down side is that her feelings can be bruised by the slightest little thing:  a raised voice, a criticism, even a harsh look from a parent or teacher.  Try to deal gently with her when you must discipline her, and throw in lots of reassurance that even though you may not like something she did, you still love her with all your heart.  To Cancer moon, life revolves around his moods, and he is easily overwhelmed by his emotions.  He reacts deeply to things, and his emotions can fester for weeks.  If someone or something hurts this child’s feelings, she may nurse a secret grudge for a long time.  Therefore, when she is upset, it becomes an ongoing process to soothe her out of it.  She is comforted by lots of physical affection -- hug her frequently, and let her sit on your lap if she’s upset.  She needs to feel safe and protected -- think of the crab retreating inside its shell when it feels vulnerable.  She is also soothed by creative, artistic activities.  Because she attaches emotional and sentimental memories to every experience in her life, she tends to cling to everything and resists letting go.  Don’t throw away her old toys even though she’s outgrown them -- she’ll never forgive you!  This moon placement also gives a child a tendency to be sneaky and manipulative when he wants to get his way.  Teach him that being honest and direct will give him better results in relationships in the long run.


moon signs, moon sign, astrology
Astrology Moon Sign: Leo
A Leo moon placement tends to make a child warm-hearted, affectionate, social, and outgoing.  She thrives on being the center of attention and can be very demanding, but she rewards her “audience” with her warmth, generous nature, and fun-loving playfulness.  In order to feel happy and secure, Leo moon needs to feel important.  Don’t ignore him, or he will be miserable.  He needs to feel like a priority, and needs lots of attention and praise.  If you must criticize him, please do it in private, because if you scold this child in front of other people he will be mortified and deeply ashamed.  Remember, Leo is the symbol of the Lion, and the Lion is the king/queen of the jungle.  If you treat this “royal” little person like a common peasant, you will have a very unhappy monarch on your hands!  Leo moon can be very dramatic when she is upset or angry -- you may be tempted to honor her with an “Academy Award” for some of her emotional performances.  But try not to laugh at him when he’s upset -- that will only add fuel to the fire.  His “royal” nature also gives him natural leadership tendencies, which can make him feel that he has the “right” to boss other people around.  While he absolutely needs to feel admired and respected in order to feel secure in life, he needs to be taught to share the spotlight with others as well.


moon signs, moon sign, astrology
Astrology Moon Sign: Virgo
This can be a difficult placement for the moon, because the influence of Virgo tends to make the individual a bit of a perfectionist.  And when the need to be “perfect” gets tied into your emotions, it’s a no-win situation.  Since this child will often fail to live up to her own impossibly high standards, she often spends much of her time feeling insecure about her own abilities.  This can make her a bit shy as well, since she projects this perfectionistic mindset onto others and assumes that people will not like her if she has any faults.  The worst thing you can do to this child is criticize him and point out his shortcomings -- believe me, he criticizes himself enough already!  He needs to be told, over and over and over again, that he is loved and valued no matter what.  The best way to make Virgo moon child feel secure is to reassure her that it’s OKAY when she makes a mistake, and that everyone makes them, and that the important thing in life is to have experiences and learn from them.  You can be a helpful role model for this child if you allow her to see you make mistakes, because if she sees that adults mess up, too, and that it’s not the end of the world, she will learn a valuable life-lesson.  Other ways to help this child feel more secure are to be very clear with him about what is expected of him so that he doesn’t have to guess, and giving him tasks that make him feel useful and purposeful, because he feels good about himself when he is helping others.  This, coupled with the fact that Virgo also feels best in a neat, clean environment, makes her a great help around the house.  While other kids may groan and complain if you ask them to help you in the kitchen or help with the laundry, Virgo moon child will feel pleased to be included, and proud to be of service.


moon signs, moon sign, astrology
Astrology Moon Sign: Libra
Moon in Libra people are ruled primarily by two things: a strong need for relationships, and an equally strong need for peace and harmony within those relationships.  While some children are fine entertaining themselves and can play for hours on their own, Libra moon children will be unhappy if forced to deal with too much solitude.  If she is an only child, make sure she has plenty of companionship available.  Get used to having her best friend in your house night and day -- she will even want her friend to sleep over at night.  Because harmonious relationships are such a priority for this child, he will have trouble dealing with confrontations, and may often avoid them even to the point of becoming a doormat and letting other people take advantage of him.  You will probably have to work hard to teach your Libra moon child how to stand up for herself, because she just hates fighting with anyone.  It is her nature to be gracious and well-mannered and to try to keep the peace, but don’t allow these traits to turn her into a perpetual people-pleaser.  Libra moon child needs to understand that it is better to lose a “friend” than it is to be constantly mistreated.  To make your Libra moon child feel most secure, keep his environment free from strife -- don’t have heated angry arguments with your spouse when this child is nearby, or he will literally feel sick.  Another thing that is soothing to this child is an aesthetically-pleasing environment.  Make sure her room is beautifully decorated, and let her pick out her own clothes (I’ve seen Libra moon children as young as two years old pitch fits if they’re not allowed to wear the exact outfit they want to wear.  These kids are literally born with a flair for fashion!)


moon signs, moon sign, astrology
Astrology Moon Sign: Scorpio
Scorpio lends intensity to the emotions.  Whatever this child feels, he feels to the extreme -- however, he may repress his emotions rather than express them.  Trust is a major issue for children with Scorpio moon -- it can be difficult to even understand what’s going on inside this child’s mind, because she tends to be secretive about her feelings if she feels at all vulnerable in a situation.  However, even though Scorpio moon kids like to keep their own secrets, they don’t like it when other people keep secrets from them, because it fuels their suspicious nature.  Moreover, don’t lie to them or break important promises, because once they’ve been betrayed, they will withdraw from you, and then it’s very difficult to regain their trust.  When they are upset, their moods can get pretty dark, and they are prone to lashing out if they become too angry.  If he is dealt with honestly, patiently, and consistently, and if you earn his respect, this child’s anger should not get out of control.  On the plus side, all this intensity of emotion means that once this child becomes interested in something, she will commit to it one hundred percent, spending hours and hours engrossed in a favorite activity.  The best way to channel your Scorpio moon child’s emotionally obsessive nature is to help him find hobbies that capture his focus, and support these hobbies as much as possible by supplying this child with all the equipment and resources he needs to fully pursue his hobby.


moon signs, moon sign, astrology
Astrolorgy Moon Sign: Sagittarius
Moon in Sag children are often easier to raise than children with other moon placements, because Sagittarius energy lends an attitude of optimism to the emotions.  These are the kids who are most likely to be cheerful no matter what, and to bounce back from disappointments as if they never happened.  However, even though they can handle setbacks well, they can’t tolerate having their freedom restricted.  Sag moon children crave travel, action, adventure, and fun.  Lively activities and frequent changes of scene refresh them.  If this child does become angry or upset, sending him outdoors for some fresh air and physical exercise should snap him right out of it.  This child will usually be quite social, as Sag lends her an air of charm that other people respond to favorably, and she also tends to be generous and willing to share her toys and so forth.  This child is friendly, outgoing, honest, and direct -- she’ll tell you exactly how she feels about something, whether you want to hear it or not, and she wants to be told the truth in return – Sag does not respect lies or deceit!  You may have problems dealing with the restless nature of your Sag moon child, as he often will not want to sit still for anything he considers “boring,” like homework, or cleaning his room.  Rewarding him for seeing a boring task through to completion often helps -- if he knows that something FUN will follow on the heels of something tedious, he tends to be much more cooperative.

moon signs, moon sign, astrology
Astrology Moon Sign: Capricorn
This sign can be a difficult placement for the moon, because Capricorn is very serious, logical, practical, and businesslike -- not very compatible traits for the planet that deals with FEELINGS.  Children with moon in Capricorn will not wear their hearts on their sleeve, and they will probably be downright uncomfortable with excessive displays of emotion from others as well.  As a result of this emotional reserve, others tend to see them as cool and aloof.  Capricorn moon children are actually deeply caring individuals; they simply have trouble showing it.  They also have trouble asking for help or comfort when they need it; they tend to brood in silence, and can get lost in their own pessimistic thoughts.  However, even though she may not ASK for emotional support, she still needs it as much as any other child does, so be sure to offer her plenty of praise and affection.  Play, for a Capricorn moon child, is also often a “serious” event.  Although they have a keen sense of humor, they are not frivolous or giddy -- they like their activities to be structured and purposeful, because they feel best about themselves when they master tasks and achieve their goals.  Success is very important to this child -- she feels most secure and has a stronger sense of self-worth when she is being recognized for excelling at something.  Moon in Capricorn children do not hand out their trust to just anyone.  You must prove yourself worthy and stand the test of time -- however, once this child does let someone become part of his “inner circle,” he remains deeply loyal and generous to this person.


moon signs, moon sign, astrology
Astrology Moon Sign: Aquarius
This moon sign tends to make the individual a series of contradictions.  For example, he is very friendly and socially oriented, yet emotionally detached.  She is idealistic and humanitarian, yet can be very judgmental and disapproving if a friend’s point of view is markedly different from her own.  In general, he is not comfortable with intense emotions, and may often have trouble understanding his own feelings, creating a sense of ambivalence about getting involved in situations.  Aquarius moon is often more comfortable “observing” life than fully “experiencing” it for themselves.  Generally, these children are easy to deal with as long as they are given plenty of freedom and independence.  Aquarius is the most “unique” sign, and therefore they must be allowed to do things their own way as much as possible.  Breathing down their necks night and day, telling them WHAT to do and HOW to do it and WHEN to do it will lead to rebellion, for as easygoing as they are when they are left alone, they can become almost as stubborn as Taurus when they are pushed too far.  The best way to deal with your Aquarius moon child is to let him do his own thing, as long as it’s not potentially dangerous.  One common trait in this child that can drive everyone crazy (including herself) is the tendency to want things she can’t have.  The more she cannot have it, the more appealing it becomes.  You will have to exhibit considerable patience when this happens, because once Aquarius moon becomes fixated on something, it is very hard for her to let go.


moon signs, moon sign, astrology
Astrology Moon Sign: Pisces 
This moon sign is not always so easy for a child to bear, because Pisces is already an extremely sensitive energy, and when you add this extreme sensitivity to the emotional nature of the moon, it can be overwhelming.  This is a child who will feel every emotion vividly, the positive ones like joy and compassion as well as the not-so-fun ones like sadness and fear.  Because they react to the world through the lens of strong emotion, these children tend to be moody and deeply impressionable, and their imaginations are extremely overactive (like “Ralphie” in the movie “A Christmas Story”).  As a defense mechanism against their overwhelming feelings, they often do several things to protect themselves: Number one, they become secretive about their feelings, hiding them so that other people can’t “poke sticks” at their already raw and vulnerable emotions.  If he feels unsafe, a Pisces child has no problem telling lies in order to escape the consequences of an unpleasant situation, and he needs to be taught the importance of honesty and of “facing the music” and taking responsibility for mistakes.  Number two, if things get to be too much for her, she will seek to escape into a fantasy world created by her vivid imagination, a world where everything is safe and beautiful.  This is normal for a Pisces moon child, and parents need to understand this and support positive means of “escape” (such as art, music, or other creative endeavors) to ensure that this child does not end up escaping instead into drugs or alcohol, or something equally harmful.  While other moon signs like Aries will suffocate if you smother them, Pisces moon children will thrive on it.  To prevent her from sinking into feelings of self-pity or a martyr/rescuer complex stemming from the fact that her heart bleeds so much for the suffering of others, be sure to shower your Pisces moon child with plenty of unconditional love and affection so that she grows up to believe the world is a safe and loving place.  He needs peaceful environments free of conflict -- keep “mean” children and harsh adults away from him.

Doria Gambino, Professional Astrologer

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