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Air Pendant

Air Pendant

Air Pendant
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Air Pendant

This beautifully, handcrafted pendant works with the metaphysical healing power of crystals. This crystal pendant brings mental clarity, organized thought patterns, and discipline! This stunning crystal pendant necklace helps to invoke a stabile mental picture, strong work ethics and clear thinking. These stones work with our Heart and Crown Chakra.

Air represents traits of rationalism, logic, intellect, analysis, judgement, curiosity, openness, ethics, fairness, and humanitarianism, as well as superiority, coldness, distance, abstraction, emotional illiteracy, naivete and prejudice. Air types often believe that they are their minds, and they cling to theories that make sense of both themselves and the world. Air personalities are inspirational. This air pendant contains:

Planetary Influence: Moon, Venus

Pink - represents harmony, love
Green - represents healing, cleansing, love

Rose Quartz - used for love. To open the heart and Love oneself
Aventurine - helps heal the heart by releasing emotional stress

If there are any blockages in the Chakras, applying the correct stones, color and/or light will enable the area to restore its proper functioning. The Heart Chakra is the connection to our heart. It is about giving and receiving love and compassion. Some of the problems associated with the 4th chakra are self-hatred, broken heart, heart and lung disorders.

Air Pendants are approximately 1.75 inches long. Each Item is individually made, so no two pieces are exactly alike. The Air Pendant comes with a black satin cord and information card.

Air Pendant $39.95

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