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Amethyst Clusters

Amethyst Clusters

Amethyst Clusters
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Amethyst Clusters

These amethysts are vibrant stone clusters of crystals. Each crystal piece is uniquely shaped. These crystals measure approximately 2" x 4". These crystals work well as chargers for other crystals by laying other crystals on top of it's bed to charge and cleanse them. Amethyst is the famous ancient detoxicifier (especially helped with poisons, alcohol). Amethyst crystals specially helps sobriety;alcohol/food/sex/other addictions. Used very often for dream recall. Amethyst is the crystal of spirituality and contentment and is great for meditation. Amethyst crystals provide common sense, flexibility in decisions. Amethyst crystals have a direct link to the mind. Amethyst crystals bolster the production of the hormones, and strengthens the cleansing organs, the circulatory system and blood, the immune system, and body metabolism. Amethyst crystals soothe the nervous system and assists in the transmission of neural signals. Amethyst crystals assists in feeling less scattered and more in control of your faculties. Memory skills and motivation improve. Goals are clearer, more realistic, and easier to achieve.

Amethyst Cluster - $29.00

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