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Amethyst Core

Amethyst Core

Amethyst Core
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Amethyst Core

Drilled out of amethyst crystal from the Bonita Vista mine in Brazil these beautiful and powerful little cores of amethyst are rich in energy and sparkle with light. Believed to be the "center of the stone" this apex energy is believed to be "concentrated and focused" core of the stone.

Amethyst offers its indigo color which is the seat of the Third eye. In core form, it is able to channel this energy in a unique way, especially when the base of the core is placed at the Third eye with the apex points facing outward. Amethyst takes you on this transition from the magic time of dusk to a conscious shift into a different place. Crossing this threshold is the lesson of humility, which Amethyst can teach us.

This special yoga inspired stone is best used for learning the lessons of humility and seeing! Seeing that, which is not tangible yet influences our energy greatly.

Each piece is uniquely individual and measures approximate length: 1.0" W: 0.25" with 16" silver plated chain.

Amethyst Core Necklace $34.95 each

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