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Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls
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Ben Wa Balls

These finely crafted, authentic Ben Wa balls will be sure to stimulate all your vital nerve endings in your palm. Exercise some hand muscles you never knew you had! You can use these ben wa balls to help relieve stress, decrease the pain from arthritis, focus during meditation or while watching TV.

These steel ben wa balls originated in the Chinese city of Baoding during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the vital organs of the human body are all connected to the fingers. By manipulating these iron ben wa balls, it stimulates the circulation of blood and energy throughout the body. Take the challenge of spinning these iron orbs without dropping them. Hollowed ben wa balls are outfitted with peacefully toned chimes.

Small size ben wa balls approximately 40-45mm in diameter - fit comfortably in your hand and come in a variety of Cloisonné designs, and Now in larger size 65-70mm too!

Feng Shui Cure: For health. Generates, stimulates and strengthens Qi.

Ben Wa Balls with silk box $14.95
Large Ben Wa Balls with silk box $24.95

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