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Chakra Bath & Perfume Oils - Singles

Chakra Bath & Perfume Oils - Singles

Chakra Bath & Perfume Oils - Singles
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Each of the individual Chakra oils contain "gemstone essence water", (water, which has been infused with a particular crystal), a visual blend of color coordinated waters synergized with essential oils. These chakra oils make an incredible bath oil, pulse point perfume and Chakra balancer. We have seven individual oils designed for specific healing and manifesting, or you can purchase the entire chakra oil set of 7 for total balance.

Red-Root Chakra - Grounding/Protection- Onyx water, Sunflower oil, Patchouli essential oil $14.95

Orange-Sacral Chakra - Sacred/Sexuality - Carnelian water, Sunflower oil, Neroli essential oil $14.95

Yellow-Solar Plexus Chakra - Power/Transformation- Citrine water, Sunflower oil, Lemon essential oil

Green-Heart Chakra - All Forms of Love- Rose Quartz water, Sunflower oil, Eucalyptus essential oil

Blue-Throat Chakra - Communication/Expression- Blue Agate water, Sunflower oil, Blue Nile oil

Indigo-Third Eye Chakra - Psychic/Awareness- Hawk's Eye water, Sunflower oil, Peppermint essential oil

Violet-Crown Chakra - Spirituality/Understanding- Quartz water, Sunflower oil, Lavender essential oil


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