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Chakra Granule Teas

Chakra Granule Teas

Chakra Granule Teas
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These medicinal herbal teas are freeze-dried herbal granules designed for easy use, convenience and as an effective mind/body treatment. Each herbal tea formula has been created for specific healing and manifesting, to treat both the physical and metaphysical issues associated with each chakra region. Order them all for total balance! Each container includes 100 grams of herbal granules and a scoop.

Root Chakra Tea
- This grounding, stabilizing tea helps to calm and sedate the mind/body. Use for mental restlessness, palpitation, insomnia, withdrawal, wired-fatigue and panic attacks.
contains: Bupleurum, Pinellia, Gardenia, Jujube, Poria, Scutellaria, Cinnamon Twigs, Oyster Shell, Ginseng, Hematite - $34.95

Sacral Chakra Tea - This tonifying, revitalizing tea helps to strengthen sexual desire & vital flame of life. Use for low sex drive, cold extremities, cold weak or painful low back, or a listless spirit.
contains: Aconite, Eucommia, Lycium Fruit, Deer Antler Gelatin, Cinnamon Barks, Dioscorea, Rehmannia, Cornus - $34.95

Solar Plexus Chakra Tea- This balancing, energizing tea helps to smooth out emotions & strengthen our will. Use for anger, weak will, poor digestion, PMS, feeling stuck, irritability, emotional fatigue.
contains: Poria, Atractylodes, Dang gui, Peony, Bupleurum, Licorice, Ginger, Mint, Gardenia, Moutan - $34.95

Heart Chakra Tea - This revitalizing, soothing tea helps to tonify the heart spirit & blood deficiency. Use for palpitations, shortness of breath, insomnia, vivid dreaming; dizziness, fatigue. contains: Poria, Ginseng, Ginger, Peony, Atractylodes, Ligusticum, Jujube, Dang Gui, Rehmannia, Licorice - $34.95

Throat Chakra Tea- This stimulating, nourishing tea helps to sooth and bring awareness to the throat. Use for anxiety, feeling stuck in the throat, unable to communicate, insomnia, cough.
contains: Bupleurum, Pinellia, Poria, Ginger, Magnolia Bark, Citrus Viride, Curcuma, Cyperus, Polygala, Perilla Leaf. - $34.95

Third Eye Chakra Tea- This energizing, boosting tea helps to bring focus, attention & calm centeredness. Use for psychic wounds, psychic fatigue, withdrawal, poor concentration, fear.
contains: Psoralea, Rehmannia, Cistanches, Morinda, Eucommia, Achyranthes Root, Dioscorea, Lycium Fruit, Cornus, Schizandra, Dang gui - $34.95

Crown Chakra Tea- This calming, tonifying tea helps to sooth a restless mind and bring higer awareness. Use for spiritual disturbances, anxiety, fright, inability to concentrate, palpitations, weakness.
contains: Zizyphus, Schizandra, Biota Seed, Cinnamon Barks, Ligusticum, Jujube, Ginger, Licorice, Astragalus Root - $34.95

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