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Chakra Massage Stones

Chakra Massage Stones

Chakra Massage Stones
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This amazing new product combines the peaceful "laying of stones" with the option to massage the body and its associated energy centers for an incredible connective experience! This brand new approach to healing utilizes the "yin" of stillness with the "yang" of movement to create a unique health care tool!

The Chakra Massage Stones are two very distinct, specially designed stones, created to fit the contours of the body. They divide the Chakra into the lower half or the more physical, grounding aspects of our life and the upper half or the more heart felt, spiritual aspects of our life.

The Chakra Massage Stones can be placed on the body according to your specific needs. They can lay on the body as you meditate or relax. The stones, along with the crystals, have the capacity to help realign, energize and balance the body's subtle energies.

The Chakra Massage Stones can also be used as a massage tool for a deeper and satisfying experience. The Chakra massage can be a self massage or you can get a friend or loved one involved for shared enjoyment. This vitalizing massage works not only on a physical level but at an esoteric level as well.

Both stones are sold as a set with complete information on the Chakras, the "laying of stones" procedure, and the techniques for doing an incredible Chakra massage. The stones can be used warm or cold and come in their own box.


The Complete Chakra Massage Stone Package is an all inclusive set including the two Chakra Massage Stones, our incredible Chakra Massage Oil, which blends 7 Chakra-related crystals blended in a light sunflower oil combining essential oils of lavender, geranium and clary sage, one of our unique Chakra candles and a relaxing music CD!

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