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Cloisonne Bowls

Cloisonne Bowls

Cloisonne Bowls
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Cloisonne, also known as cloisonne enamel, is the decorative art of applying enamel of all colors to the surface of a copper or bronze object which is then fired to become a bright and colorful work of art. This artistic technique was transmitted to China from the West and reached its peak of perfection as a result of the concerted efforts of Chinese artisans. Chinese cloisonne whereupon became the standard by which to measure the quality and appraise the beauty of cloisonne world-wide. It is one of China's major contributions to the world's fine arts. The general method for making cloisonne involved first soldering brass wires to the surface of a copper object to form a pattern or illustration, then, according to the requirements of each pattern, colored enamels were filled in. Enamelware that had been fired then needed to have its surface polished smooth so that the soldered brass wire pattern and the enamel substance were melded into one. Finally, the exposed brass wires between parts of the patterns as well as the rim and the bottom of an object, to which enamel had no been applied, were gold plated. Thus, a work of cloisonne art was finished.

The making of cloisonne is a painstaking process. Each color is separated by the metal wire and then repeatedly filled in with enamel and fired, and then finished with touches of gold. With flower designs on both exterior and interior, this low cloisonne bowl, 5" in diameter 2" in height, suits perfectly for a coffee table display, especially when holding a small quantity of potpourri, water, incense, candles or sage.

Blue Cloisonne Bowl ~ 5" diameter 2" height $34.95
Green Cloisonne Bowl~ 5" diameter 2" height $34.95

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