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Kundalini Coil Necklaces

Kundalini Coil Necklaces

Kundalini Coil Necklaces
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 Create Your Kundalini Coil Necklace

These beautiful European silver-plated coils can be expanded to fit your most inspirational gem tumble stones! Choose the semi-precious tumble stone you would like in your necklace. Each necklace comes with a silver plated chain. Each stone is unique and no 2 stones are alike. Choose from our most popular crystals:

amethyst - spirituality and dream recall
aventurine - abundance, good luck, money, joy, balance, clarity
bloodstone - raise consciousness, used to calm, ground, revitalize
carnelian - passion and sexuality and trauma healing
citrine - mental, emotional clarity, problem-solving, memory, confidence, self-discipline
fluorite - important balancer, healer, rekindle sexual appetite, heighten intuitive powers
hematite - grounding and encourages ones survival instincts, protection, self esteem
onyx - balances and grounds, reduces sex drive, promotes fidelity, absorbs intensity
rose quartz - love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, lovingness, self-love, balance
clear quartz - master healer and "stone of power", aura balancing
rhodonite - "stone of love", confidence, will power, self worth, dignity
sodalite - healing, meditation and wisdom, communication for self and writing, expression
turquoise - general healer for all illnesses, friendship, communication, creativity, serenity

Choose from 2 designs: Coil (horizontal lines) or Spiral (vertical lines).

Kundalini Coil or Spiral Necklace $24.95

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