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Crystal Remedy Rescue

Crystal Remedy Rescue

Crystal Remedy Rescue
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This is a unique homeopathic combination of six crystal essence vibrationally compatible for emotional imbalance. This formula is taken internally under the tongue and is an amazing remedy for stress, fatigue, confusion, anxiety, impatience, feeling wired, but tired, adrenal fatigue or feeling over stimulated.

This product contains the full spectrum crystal essence of:

  • quartz: stimulates natural crystal in body tissues and fluids to resonate at the highest healing frequency.
  • amethyst: soothes nervous system, relieve physical and emotional pain.
  • citrine: for mental/emotional clarity, problem solving, will power, optimism.
  • carnelian: helps us feel anchored and comfortable in our surroundings.
  • aventurine: heart healer, for inflammation, calms the central nervous system.
  • blue lace agate: for patience and inner peace, inspirational, transforming.

Additionally, we add Aconite napellus, Chamomillia, Calcarea carbonica, with Gelsemium sempervirens. The method of potentizing this remedy is applied to the water produced in the first 3 steps to create a 6x remedy. Crystal essences are also blended in a gentle balance of active ingredients including water, glycerine and is alcohol free. 2 ounces in an amber self-dropper bottle.

Recommended Dosage: Place 5- 10 drops under the tongue. Sprinkle over food or add to juice, or water as needed.

-Safe for the whole family.
-Vegan approved.
-Safe for animals.

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