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Feng Shui Incense

Feng Shui Incense

Feng Shui Incense
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Feng Shui Incense

Invoke the elements while filling the room with wonderful scents. These special blends of herbs and resins were created by Feng Shui Masters.

Wood - evokes an essences of Spring, renewal and birth, green wrapping.
Fire - brings forth Summer heat, with a powerful vibrant fragrance, red wrapping.
Earth - calls upon the Sweet smell of Late Summer, yellow wrapping.
Metal - welcomes the scent of Fall and all its power, white wrapping.
Water - elevates the salty deep sea-like qualities and fragrance, black wrapping.

Choose from Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water - pack of 20 feng shui incense - $12.00

Feng Shui Cure: The power of scent in ANY room and coordinate with the element of each room/area in the Bagua.

Feng Shui Incense -$12.00

Feng Shui Incense has been used for centuries to honor the living and the dead, to cleanse and clear any room, and to evoke the power of the elements: Wood (green), Fire (red), Earth (yellow), Metal (white), Water (blue/black).

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