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Firebird Crystal Wand

Firebird Crystal Wand

Firebird Crystal Wand
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Firebird Crystal Wand

This is a one of a kind, handcrafted crystal wand inspired and created with objects in nature. Bahamian drift wood found in the warm blue green Caribbean sea. This wood was dried in the sun. It has a distinct pattern of holes. It has a slight bend at its base.

This healing crystal wand is imbedded with a beautiful clear quartz point. The crystal is full of colorful rainbows that play in the sunlight. Quartz is the master healer stone and can be used to facilitate both speaking and receiving information from the spiritual world, masters, teachers and healers.

This unique crystal wand has a dowser/pendulum designed on the tip for assisting in subconscious work, locating and verifying. This crystal pendulum is enhanced with baby turkey feathers and a natural wooden bead. A pendulum is an extension of the intuition, since it is used to gain access to information that exists at the subconscious level of the Inner Being.

At the opposite end are a bouquet of naturally colored turkey feathers wrapped in leather portraying a "flaming fire bird". Turkey feathers are wonderful for cleansing auras, the bowels, and the entire digestive tract. The most commonly used feathers in smudging are turkey, as they are regarded as having cleansing and healing properties. This crystal wand is adorned with leather and wound into a tight weave with rawhide. It measures 14 inches in length from tip of crystal to tip of plume feathers. The pendulum dangles 2 inches below it and is 7 inches on length from tip of wooden ball to tip of plume.

Firebird Crystal Wand $295.95

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