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Healthy Hands DVD

Healthy Hands DVD

Healthy Hands DVD
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Healthy Hands DVD

If you make a living with your hands, you must have this DVD! Here's why - Martin Grey is a world famous juggler and movement artist. He is also the creator of the Nomadics exercise program. In his work, constantly using his hands in semi-repetitive motion, he began to notice pain occasionally affecting his hands, fingers and joints.

The doctors all said the same thing. Repetitive use of the fingers often causes what is called "Overuse Syndrome." Over time, it can hasten arthritis, diminish dexterity and cause ongoing pain in the hands. The doctors told him that there was no known way to stop it except by using the hands less, which of course, was unacceptable.

Being a top athlete and designer of fitness programs, Martin set out to find a way to bring relief and more dexterity to his hands. Over 5 years, he developed a set of exercises that gave his hands more agility and even more ability than he had before and the pain was gone!

Not only will this DVD helps you to save your hands from this syndrome, it will help you to develop dexterity and speed you never thought possible, no matter how good you think you are now. Piano Players, Guitar Players, Dentists, Surgeons, anyone who makes a living with their hands would benefit from buying this DVD. It will be the best single investment in your hands you will ever make! If arthritis is starting to kick in, then now is the time to do something about it. These exercises can help you.

This DVD is a one-hour presentation on a variety of movements and techniques designed for the health and development of your hands.

If you make a living with your hands, have Healthy Hands!

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: PLEASE NOTE that DVD's may work on a different system in International Countries, UNLESS you have a converter. Please be aware of this before ordering.

Healthy Hands DVD $29.95

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