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Hot Stone Crystal Facial Kit

Hot Stone Crystal Facial Kit

Hot Stone Crystal Facial Kit
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Hot Stone Crystal Facial Kit

The Hot Stone Crystal Facial Massage utilizes the power of crystals and gemstones and is another great massage benefit to offer your clients! Facial Massage can help prevent new tension lines and wrinkles from appearing. Massage does this by relaxing the muscles and by stimulating the blood vessels under the skin. This unique type of "facial" helps to draw out impurities and toxins that sit on the subcutaneous layers of skin on your face.

Great work is being done with crystals on the face. In many cultures, such as Oriental and Ayurvedic Medicine, the Meridian Channels and Ayurvedic Marma points either end in the head, face or chest. Also, when working with the Chakras, four of the seven Chakras are located in the head and chest. For these reasons, such crystals as Hematite, Amethyst, Jade, Clear Quartz and Turquoise are our wonderful choices. The hot stones are tumbled smooth and may be lightly brushed with essential oil blends of massage oil, aloe or soothing lotion.

The Hot Stone Massage Facial Set comes

  • Complete with "How to Instructions"

  • 8 Peripheral Baltic Face Stones

  • 1 Hematite

  • 1 Blue Agate

  • 2 Amethyst

  • 2 Quartz

  • 2 Jade Tumbled Palm Stones

  • 6 oz. Angel's Mist Massage Oil

SpiritualitySolutions.com visitors are able to purchase this wonderful Hot Stone Massage Facial Set for only $59.95

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