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Jade Roller

Jade Roller

Jade Roller
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Jade Roller

This brilliant massage tool, utilizes the power of crystal with the magic of massage! This massage tool, made of very high quality jade, can be incorporated into a gemstone and crystal facial as a facial muscle massage tool on the small end, as well as an all over body massage tool on the large end.

Jade represents health, wealth, and is a longevity stone. Ancient Chinese used also for courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony. Lungs, heart, thymus, immune, kidney and blood detoxification, nervous system. Androgynous. A gentle, steady energy.

Jade include its ability to mellow one's existence. Helps one rid themselves of negative thoughts and energy. Strengthens the body's filtration and cleansing systems and assists in teh removal of toxins. Very beneficial to the heart in both physical and spiritual senses. It is a very protective stone and will keep its wearer out of harm's way.

This unique massage tool is used to increase circulation of the lymph and blood systems, smooth out rough edges, cellulite areas, old trauma areas and uneven areas on the skin! This calming massage tool works to decrease stagnation all over the body.

This beautiful jade roller massage tool measures 5 1/2 inches long and comes with complete instructions.

Jade Roller $38.00

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