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Medium Chakra Wand

Medium Chakra Wand

Medium Chakra Wand
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A wand is simply an extension of our subconscious. Used as a healing tool, a chakra wand can "direct energy" where it needs to go, connect energy from one place to another as in a grid or can be used as a massage tool, energy transformer or metaphysical conduit.

Chakra Wands designed from crystal can take advantage of their metaphysical/healing properties and can assist in the healing and harmonizing process. No matter which level someone is in tune to, the door is open to access the relevant energy through the crystals. These stones have the balanced energy of each Chakra within them. The crystal chakra wand creates a flow of energy through the stones and can work with your conscious and/or subconscious mind, depending on your goals.

Designed to help realign and balance the energy fields of each specific Chakra, based on their crystals, the chakra wand will harmonize body, mind and spirit. The chakra wand will assist in dissolving stress, removing blocks and help create an overall sense of better health, joy and abundance. This chakra wand contains:

1st: Root - Garnet or Apache Tear
2nd: Navel - Carnelian or Goldstone
3rd: Solar - Citrine or Tiger Eye
4th: Heart - Aventurine
5th: Throat - Blue Lace Agate
6th: Third Eye - Sodalite
7th: Crown - Amethyst

Our Medium Chakra Wands are approximately 6-7 inches long. Each chakra wand is individually handcrafted. They come with a velvet pouch and information card.

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