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Moroccan Orthoceras

Moroccan Orthoceras

Moroccan Orthoceras
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Moroccan Orthoceras

Moroccan Orthoceras are extinct members of the cephalopod family. From the 350 - 400 million year old Devonian age, orthoceras are ancestors of the squid and octopus. Orthoceras were among the most advanced of the invertebrates having a sophisticated nervous system, eyes and jaws. Orthoceras swam freely using a jet propulsion system, squirting water from their bodies. They had tentacles and ink sacs much like the squid of today. After they died, their shells accumulated on the sea floor where they were buried by sediments, and over the ages turned to stone. These orthoceras fossils have been dug out of the mountains of Morocco, which were once under the sea. The lines and colors are natural. They have been cleaned and highly polished. Metaphysically, they are used to enhance telepathy, to both heighten and supplement ones accomplishments on business and to instill quality and excellence within ones environment. These orthoceras stones can stimulate the thymus, for the treatment of atrophy and disorders of the skeletal system, hands and feet.

Moroccan Orthoceras in pouch with properties $18.00

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