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Water Pendant

Water Pendant

Water Pendant
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Water Pendant

This beautifully, handcrafted pendant works with the metaphysical healing power of crystals, allowing us to be more sensitive, caring and aware! This stunning crystal pendant necklace helps to invoke emotional stability, creative presence, intuition and gentle calm. These stones works with our Throat and Third Eye Chakra.

Water is the symbol of our emotions. All life forms consist of water. It involves healing, compassion, reconciliation, friendship, de-stressing, insight, peace, sleep, dreams, intuition, and health and beauty. A positive water person is sensitive, caring and nurturing. Sometimes they can be a little over emotional and dramatic in life. A good balance of water is needed so that the water person can share there true gifts. Water personalities are receptive. This water pendant contains:

Planetary Influence: Mercury, Neptune

Blue represents tranquility

Aquamarine - represents clarity, direction
Blue Lace Agate - represents calming, opens channels of expression, inspiration and peace

If there are any blockages in the Chakras, applying the correct stones, color and/or light can enable the area to restore its proper functioning. The Throat Chakra is the center of expression and communication. Some of the problems associated with the 5th chakra are sore throat, inability to express personal truths, colds, and laryngitis, lack of inspiration.

Water Pendants are approximately 1.75 inches long. Each Item is individually made, so no two pieces are exactly alike. The Water Pendant comes with a black satin cord and information card.

Water Pendant $39.95

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