Awaken to Discover Your Life Purpose!

Spirituality Article:

Awaken to Discover Your Life's Purpose

purpose driven life, life purpose, purpose of life, soul purpose

Did you ever wonder why you are here on earth?  Knowing your life purpose and serving a purpose driven life can bring you great joy!  What unique gift do you have to share with the world?  To discover your soul purpose, call upon your heart to connect with your inner voice, the Higher Self, your God Self, and get clear as to what you are passionate about.  What would you love to be doing?  What would bring you great joy?  When we learn to listen to and honor the wisdom of our Higher Self, we can consciously receive our answers from within.  Tuning in to your Higher Self can be a very enlightening and empowering experience!

purpose driven life, life purpose, purpose of life, soul purpose

Are You Happy?

  • Do you love your current job or circumstances?
  • Are you currently satisfied with how you are handling your life?
  • How can you make a noble difference and feel that your life work is part of a greater plan or soul purpose?
  • If you had no fear, what would you do with your precious gift of life?

When we take an interest in answering these questions honestly, we can get the clues that will tap into our Divine life purpose.  We are all like diamonds just waiting to be taken out of the vault to shine radiantly in the world!  Just go within and unlock your treasure!

purpose driven life, life purpose, purpose of life, soul purpose

Your Purpose Driven Life

“Life is hard,” is what I so often hear people say.  To which I respond, “If you say life is hard, life will stay hard.”  Life is really what you create.  All your thoughts, words and actions create your reality.  We are energetic magnets, attracting to us what we are vibrating.  For example, if you happen to be “stuck” in a job where you are not respected, look in the mirror and see what is being reflected back about you.  Reveal the blessing of your situation.  Ask your Higher Self within for what reason you are magnetizing this situation to you.  When you allow yourself to look deep, you may find that some level you were not respecting your own self.  With this new awareness, you can now take responsibility in your purpose of life to make a positive shift.  One of our greatest gifts is choice.

purpose driven life, life purpose, purpose of life, soul purpose

Awaken to Your Life Purpose!

What do you choose to attract to you?  Sometimes we may experience of being “stuck” or “blocked” in our lives.  When this occurs, stop, look, listen, and feel.  Take heart!  This is a great opportunity to discover your life purpose and gain spiritual growth.  It is a “wake-up call” to consciously look within.  Get in the habit of asking your Higher Self for clarity.  The more aware we are, the more we can shift into a purpose driven life.  It can be this easy!

purpose driven life, life purpose, purpose of life, soul purpose
Live On Purpose!

By purposely living with awareness, you become a master of your environment.  It is the key to surfing the waves of life, staying afloat, and having fun in the process!  For example, if you are not respected at your job and have become the target of criticism, start by examining how this makes you feel . . . perhaps hurt and/or angry.  Instead of reacting to this unwanted energy by collapsing, defending or taking revenge, try on a more noble response.  Connect within, with your Higher Self, and embrace your feelings.  Come to know the truth of who you are. Breathe this knowing into your body and then anchor this knowing by living what you know.  By not allowing the unwanted energy of fear to penetrate this new force field of self-love and self-respect, you empower yourself and set yourself free.  This is the process of mastering your environment.  Be alert and make conscious positive choices so you can live joyously live a purpose driven life.  When we follow our guidance, we soon discover how extraordinary our world really is.  We flow through life experiences with greater ease!

purpose driven life, life purpose, purpose of life, soul purpose
Take the Purpose of Life Challenge!

In this very moment, you can choose to take your next step in discovering your soul purpose.  Awaken to expand your horizon.  Allow your heart and mind, working in unison, to guide you.  We are all going through life anyway, so why not live it with purpose, passion and awareness!  Taking positive loving action will enhance the quality of your life and spiritual growth.  No energy could make a more positive difference in the world than the joy emanating from a truly happy and loving person.  Blessings!

In Love & Service,
Diana Lynn

Author of SOULutions: Your Spiritual Makeover



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purpose driven life, life purpose, purpose of life, soul purpose

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purpose driven life, life purpose, purpose of life, soul purpose

Commitment is the doorway into your purpose! The more intensity, the more results! When you stand firmly on living a purpose driven life, the "way" will open up. 


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