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How to Manage Stress in Your Life
reduce stress, managing stress, stress management, stress tips

reduce stress, managing stress, stress management, stress tips

Tips on Managing Stress

Change Your Toxic Thought Patterns
Attitudes such as, "I must be competent and a high achiever in every situation," are unrealistic.  At times people do not have conscious thoughts like this however; upon examination of their stressful behavior and attitude, find they are holding themselves to a standard of absolute perfection.  If these standards are not met, they can feel like failures.
reduce stress, managing stress, stress management, stress tips

Practice Self-Care Stress Reducing Techniques

Keep Calm and Live on!  Accept and meet physical and emotional needs for exercise, rest, good nutrition and recreation.  Nuture and nourish your body as well as your mind.  Know your own physical limits and requirements and make them a priority.  Get realistic (start with 5 minutes a day) on how to acomplish your goals.
reduce stress, managing stress, stress management, stress tips

Develop a Sense of Self-Worth

There are two elements of our self-worth: an unconditional "no matter what" element, and a conditional "I must prove my self-worth by accomplishments and approval of others or my own high ideals."  Wanting others to approve of you is not unhealthy however; often too much emphasis is placed on this.  Try on developing a sense of self-worth that is not primarily dependent upon success, achievements, or the opinions of others.
reduce stress, managing stress, stress management, stress tips
Balance Your Inner Critics' Voices
A healthy sense of self-worth helps balance inner critical voices.  When there is an internal balance between self-worth and criticism, one often regards outside disapproval as a learning opportunity and a healthy challenge, despite unpleasantness.  One does not need to take a defensive posture, which is characterized by denying and attacking.  Start managing stress by accepting imperfection, those so-called "failures," and mistakes in yourself and others without excessive stress and anxiety. 
reduce stress, managing stress, stress management, stress tips
Welcome Your Feelings - Good Bad and Otherwise
Sometimes to reduce stress, the best we can do with unpleasant feelings is to acknowledge them and accept them.  Many times people deny their feelings, criticize themselves for feeling a certain way, and become defensive.  This also makes it difficult to accept and knowledge the feelings of others.  Unpleasant feelings are normal and unavoidable, and are exacerbated when not allowed to be exposed.  To reduce stress, try on coping better with your so-called, "bad" feelings by taking the emotion out of them.     
reduce stress, managing stress, stress management, stress tips
Develop Good, Warm Supportive Relationhips

Managing stress means establishing good relationships with people - family, friends, co-workers, neighbors - which can reduce stress imensely.  Anyone who wants to develop a deep, mutually supporting relationship must take time to work on it.  Try on making a commitment to another person! Develop compassion, use self-disclosure, and express and deal with your feelings and stressful emotions.

Only by fostering wellness concepts in ourselves can we achieve a better balance in our lives and be emotionally open and available to others!

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reduce stress, managing stress, stress management, stress tips
Depending what you think about your life situations, you can bring on happiness or you can bring on stress.  If your stress level is high, take a few minutes to contemplate on these stress management strategies below:
  1. Get a good night's sleep regularly; rest when your body is tired
  2. Eat a well-balanced diet avoiding sugar and caffiene
  3. Beware of self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, food and/or nicotine.
  4. Exercise moderately and consistently.
  5. Express your feelings appropriately; don't avoid, block or attack
  6. Develop a strong support system of family and friends
  7. Think positively, be open-minded, and be flexible in attitude
  8. Interrupt your negative thoughts - (we all have them)
  9. Meditate and practice positive, creative visualization!
  10. Practice "good time" management skills
  11. Maintain a structured, yet well-balanced schedule
  12. When possible, be selective about taking on too much
  13. Set realistic goals, and take action to move toward them
  14. Incorporate deep breathing and relaxation skills into your daily routine
  15. Develop your self-understanding, resilience, and adaptability
  16. Eliminate "stressful" triggers when possible (e.g., loud music, crowds)
  17. Increase your awareness - what things are controllable?
  18. Find and practice a new hobby or interest
  19. Go on nature walks, garden or use your pets as therapy
  20. Reconnect with and strengthen your spirituality! 
Here's to your good health!
reduce stress, managing stress, stress management, stress tips

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