Spirituality SOULutions - The Serenity Prayer

"God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference."

the serenity prayer, serenity prayer

the serenity prayer, serenity prayer

The Serenity Prayer is for the Benefit of all Humanity

The Serenity Prayer is a powerful prayer for the benefit of all humanity when recited and practiced with devotion and feeling.  It has been adapted for group settings such as in the 12 Steps recovery networks. The original text for this adapted prayer was: "Father, give us courage to change what must be altered, serenity to accept what cannot be helped, and the insight to know the one from the other."
the serenity prayer, serenity prayer

What led us to find The Serenity Prayer?

Why did all this happen to us? – We are all born pure LOVE. Then, someone very important to us was unable to give us the love, approval, validation and emotional security that we needed.  So we have gone about life the best we could, looking vaguely or desperately for something we never got.  So it is for us to now finish our business from childhood. The serenity prayer can us through this. Come to figure out how events from our childhoods are affecting what we are doing now.
the serenity prayer, serenity prayer

Take Back Your Power!

Stop the Pain and Insanity and Gain Control of your Life!  It doesn’t matter whose “fault” it is; solving our problems is our OWN responsibility. When we “blame” and “name call” we are NOT in responsibility.  No matter how much we believe that the problem lies in the other person – it ALSO lies in us.  (This is why we get triggered!)  When we keep our hands off other people’s responsibilities, we tend to solve our own instead.  The Serenity Prayer helps us take responsibility, which feels good.  It brings peace.  It lets us be who we are.  It lets others be who they are.  It’s liberating!
the serenity prayer, serenity prayer

We Start With AWARENESS 

It is for us to become aware and “identify” our unhealthy “reactions” directed at others that deplete our energy.  Then we can recite the serenity prayer and choose healthy “responses” to people around us.  Ask yourself:
  • Are you a reactionary?
  • Do you let another person’s behavior affect you?
  • Are you obsessed with controlling a person’s behavior?
  • Do you try to make other people see things your way?
These behaviors “sabotage” our relationships.  We do the wrong things for our right reasons.  This prevents us from finding peace and happiness.  Would you rather be “right” or “happy?”


the serenity prayer, serenity prayer
We Move on to ACCEPTANCE
Accepting What Is.  When we try to control a situation we eventually fail in our efforts, get frustrated, bitter, angry AND we cause hurt, anger and pain in another.
Make a motion to face reality!  No more shall we:
  • Control in the name of love.
  • Control because we are trying to help.
  • Control because we know best how things should go and how people should behave.
  • Control because we are right and they are wrong.
  • Control because we are afraid not to do it.
  • Control because we do not know what else to do.
  • Control because we think we have to stop the pain.
  • Control because we do not think.
  • Control because controlling is all we can think about.
  • Control because that’s the way we have always done things.
We practice the serenity prayer by practicing to stay out of other people’s business and Mind Our Own Business.
the serenity prayer, serenity prayer
We Learn to DETACH 
We use detachment to release from the object of our obsession. Attachment overworks us. We endlessly rehash the same useless thoughts. We are preoccupied in compulsive thought on problems, instead focusing our energy on living our own best lives.  Detachment is a healthy neutrality.  It doesn’t mean we do not care – it means we learn to love, care, and be involved - without getting crazy over it and becoming sarcastic and belittling towards another.  This way we lessen our destructive reactions to the world around us.  We learn to maturely deal with things.

Has staying attached - worrying, obsessing, trying to control –helped so far? 

How Do We Detach? 
With Honesty, Openness, and Willingness.  Detach from a problem or person in Love.

When Do We Detach?
We must practice detachment the most when it seems the least likely or possible thing to do.  
Come to recognize when you are in the habit of being attached.  Get honest and tell yourself the TRUTH about “what happened,” not your “story” of what happened.

We don’t have to take things so seriously.
We don’t have to take things personally.

We can grant ourselves serenity.
the serenity prayer, serenity prayer
Stop “trying” and “accept the things I cannot change.”  

People ultimately do what they want to anyway.  Ask yourself: Who made me the authority?  Who made me the savior?  The only person you can now or ever change is you.  The only person that it is your business to control is yourself.

So relax now.  Take a deep breath.  Recite The Serenity Prayer.
If you have been torturing yourself – stop it!
Use your feelings now as “positive” motivators!  Our source of happiness is in our own self.  SURRENDER and set yourself free! 

Goal: Have a love affair with your Self.  To thine own self be true.  Take care of you.  Honor yourself, honor others.  Live authentically. 
This is your life . . . How do you want to spend it?  Break old habits from what you learned in childhood and detach for YOU.  Chances are everyone will benefit from it.  

Come Recite The Serenity Prayer:

"God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference."

Now think thoughts of Love . . . Speak words of Love . . . Put LOVE into action!
Dream big & make miracles happen!   One day at a time. - Rev. Diana Lynn
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